How Often Should You Be Working Out

bodybuilding advice.pngIt is not uncommon to hear people asking the question of how often they should be working out when bodybuilding, losing weight or general fitness.  Many beginners make the mistake of over training and using inferior supplements when they begin working out. Because of their enthusiasm of wanting to accomplish their goals they believe in.  It doesn’t matter whether your fitness goals are to gain muscle mass, increase your strength or increase your general fitness levels. there is a limit to how often you should be working out which is explained within this guide.

If you’re working out to increase your cardiovascular strength and endurance an average workout session should be around 30 minutes 3 to 5 days per week.  If you are attempting to lose weight and are in moderate shape already you may increase this to 4 to 5 days per week.  If you’re doing cardio exercises more than five days a week you are running the risk of injuring yourself and also burning out.  If you are a beginner then 15 to 20 minutes a day may be a good starting point.  You can gradually increase the time and the number of days as you begins to get stronger.

Strength or Resistance Training

This type of training would involve either free weights or machine weights and can be very stressful on the body and most individuals involved in this type of training usually workout three days a week.  Even the most advanced bodybuilders know that it is necessary to have rest days incorporated into their training routine.  If you are working your muscles to increase your muscle mass and strength it is imperative that you allow your muscles to rest because this is the time when they are repairing, healing and most of all growing.

Yoga and Pilates

yoga timescaleThese exercises fall into the category of stretching.  Stretching is so important that it can be done every day however, as a minimum you should be stretching 2 to 3 days per week.  Stretching should be done at the beginning of all exercise routines whether it is cardiovascular or strength training.  Stretching help to improve flexibility and lessens the risk of injury as your muscles will be properly warmed up before getting into your normal routine.  Large muscle groups such as the hamstrings, back and chest should be stretched prior to lifting any heavy weights and also at the end of your workout session.

The main thing to remember when deciding how many days per week to workout is that you do not want to overdo it.  If you do not give your muscles and joints time to recover between workout sessions all your hard work will be for nothing.  Your muscles will not grow, you will not get stronger and you will probably become discouraged about your entire workout regimen.  Many people forget that rest is an important factor of any workout routine.

Health Benefits of Exercise

It is said that “prevention is better than cure”.  Exercise is the answer to keep your body healthy to prevent illnesses.  To exercise is to let your body exert effort in doing physical activities.  Others find fun during workouts particularly at a gym where they meet people and friends. While losing weight and becoming fit are the essential reasons for exercising, the health benefits are very crucial.  It is a fact that performing exercises regularly helps prevent illnesses. If your body is strong it has the ability to fight and combat diseases.

The Realm of Exercise

There are many benefits that you can get out of exercising. Ultimately it gives you more energy as it helps burn fats because of the movements you perform. It helps to make your mind sharp since it enhances your blood circulation making it easier for you to concentrate.  The more focused you are at work the more productive you will become.  Constant exercises will help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses.

Another major benefit of regular exercise is lowering blood pressure.  It also prevents having diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity.   Exercise can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem.  It can improve the quality of your sleep thereby taking away insomnia.  Exercise reduces your agony from migraine based on a study.

Another study showed that elderly people have the most benefits of exercise.  They have to do more exercises to prevent disability. Exercise promotes a sound mind and healthy body which the elderly need the most at their age.  Based on other studies, pregnant women will benefit a lot if they exercise daily because it will lessen pregnancy complications.  Another study says that breast cancer is also hindered by exercise after menopause.

The Benefits of Agility

Any regular physical activity like aerobics will be very beneficial to the body.  Walking, dancing, and swimming are great activities as well.  Exercise stimulates bone growth. Likewise it can help to maintain healthy joints.  Daily exercise can promote muscle endurance, flexibility, and improvement in posture.

Sports like tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer and other similar activities promote speed and balance and coordination.  These activities can help you become physically fit.  There are actually varieties of exercises to choose from.  The key to stay fit is regular exercise. It is best to be motivated by its benefits and understand what it takes to stay healthy.

Exercise advise for people who have not worked out for a while


When someone decides to resume exercising or bodybuilding after a short break, be it due to sickness or a long holiday, the process can sometimes be tough, and may require a bit of willpower to get back to your usual routine. The way to get back on track starts with the mind, by building up psyche and determination.

Changing Behavioural Patterns

To successfully go back to exercising, an individual is required to change the way they carry out their day to day activities. They can also start doing things differently, like using the stairs instead of the lift. This change in behaviour is vital in tuning the body and channelling one’s energies to these new demanding tasks.

Be Prepared

When one intends to resume an exercising regimen, they should be prepared physically and mentally. It does not necessarily entail buying new gym gear and enrolling in expensive gyms. It requires preparedness in terms of health since you cannot resume exercising when unwell. Mentally, one should be ready so that they do not back out after the first day.


After the first day of resuming the workout regimen, it is advised that consistency be maintained. It can be done by making the exercise routine an integral part of your normal day to day life; they should merge seamlessly and become one fluid motion from day to day. The body and the brain love consistency because once they go through the same motions once or twice, they adapt and it makes future endeavours effortless. Having regular sleeping and feeding times will help solidify a fitness regimen.

Track Every Workout

Tracking every workout means keeping record of your performance from day one upon resuming. This enables the person to know if there is any improvement in their performance. Points of weakness can easily be detected and changes can be made to rectify these. A record will act as a morale booster because they show results of an individual’s efforts and progress.

Avoid Working Out for a Single Purpose

Exercising for the single benefit of losing weight or building up muscles is discouraged. An individual should appreciate the sense of well being that comes with working out and the health benefits associated with it. Workout regimens that are designed for a single outcome are usually not sustainable in the long term. They end up making a person uncomfortable, and compatibility with an individual’s day to day life becomes cumbersome and unfulfilling in the long run. Full body workouts are highly recommended.

Do You Need To Go To A Gym To Get Fit?

bodybuildingTo say that you want to lose weight is easier said than done especially if you have to pay for fees to join a gym.  Although some have special packages and discount offers it can still add to your expenses.  You also need to spend time to travel to the gym but if it is nearby then that is of no issue.  The point is do you really have to go to a gym to get fit?

Workout on Your Own

I myself have lost weight with my daily exercises at home.  I followed the schedule I created for my workout when I got home from the office.  I lost about 10 lbs.   Of course, apart from the workout I had to change my diet around a little.  During that time I ate brown rice, oat meal, fruits like apple and banana, wheat bread and vegetable salads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar as dressing.

However, to do a workout on your own you need to do a little research about different exercises.  There are lots of new fitness equipment and products available now in the market.  These tools, accessories or gadgets will motivate you to do your every other day exercises and make it more interesting.

To guide you in your workout, DVDs and CDs are an essential purchase and they are available in various stores as well.  Exercising is fun and more challenging when you do it at home but you have to be sure that what you are doing is correct and appropriate.  There are also books that you can read about different exercises for beginners that suggest proper equipment to use.

No Matter Where

My cousin who owns a gym told me that by going to a gym to stay fit was like going to school.  The instructor will guide you and teach you how to exercise properly with the necessary equipment.  A healthy exercise program will be followed to gradually achieve the goal of losing weight.  For busy people who don’t have time to buy fitness equipment, or doesn’t have the motivation to do the workout alone and doesn’t have a spacious area at home, then the gym is the best venue.

Being fit can be attained and maintained if you are diligent, focused, and result-oriented.  Wherever you do the workout or exercises really doesn’t matter.  Whether you do it at a gym or at home, being equipped with determination and motivation are all that matters.